The Foundation for Goaltending Research & Education


The mission of The Foundation for Goaltending Research and Education is to provide goalies, parents, coaches and the hockey community the research, education, support, advocacy and advancement necessary to maximize the enjoyment of the position and protect its role and participants in the sport.

Anybody who has played goalie recognizes both the physical and mental demands of the position as being a test of dedication and courage. Goalies, parents and coaches often ride an emotional roller-coaster and do not receive the information or support necessary to assist them when it is most needed.

In the hockey world, 9 out of 10 people have very little knowledge of either the technical or mental demands of the position. The Foundation for Goaltending Research and Education is an advocate for the goaltending community and a sanctuary for goaltenders, parents and coches. The athletes that have overcome the challenges of being a goalie and the people that have helped them to be successful serve as an inspiration and as role models for the next generation of goalies.

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- Symposiums -

The FGRE conducts symposiums and mobile workshops through the year in order to educate goalies, parents and coaches on the keys to success and the enjoyment of the position. Symposiums and workshops are geared to educates goalies as well as parents and coaches on how to best communicate, interact and assist goalies with both their physical and mental development so everyone involved has a better experience.

- Initiatives -

The Foundation for Goaltending Research and Education has five initiatives. 1. Research. 2. Education. 3. Support. 4. Advocacy and 5. Advancement. The role of the FGRE is to identify current issues impacting the goaltending community and by using the strength of the goaltending network find solutions to improve all areas of goaltending. Members are encourage to communicate with the FGRE on with regards to any areas where assistance is needed.