cam-wardGoalies are hungry to be educated on their position and all the components that go into the enjoyment and success of the position. A goalies support system of parents and family members face challenges as well. They recognize the sacrifice and pressure placed on a goalie and therefore are fully emotionally invested. Coaches realize that strong goaltending is the cornerstone of their teams chances, but often lack the knowledge of how to communicate and work with their goalies to maximize success.

The Foundation educates goalies on the keys to success and enjoyment of the position. It also educates parents and coaches on how to best communicate, interact and assist goalies with both their physical and mental development so everyone involved has a better experience.


Workshops are held throughout the year for goalies, parents and coaches. The goal of the workshops is to educate each group within the goaltending community to aid in the physical and psychological development of goaltenders. The workshops include guest speakers, such as former goalies, motivational guests, as well as experts in the goaltending community.

Manuals and videos developed for the workshops will give participants a takeaway that will allow them to bring what they have learned back to the ice as a goalie, parent or coach. These manuals and videos will also be available in the Goalie Hall and online.