FGRE Workshops

FGRE-Coaches-WorkshopPlease join us at one of our upcoming workshops hosted by Brian Daccord of the Foundation for Goaltending Research and Education. There is a new format this season with a new workshop subject each month and therefore you can continuously grow your knowledge of the position throughout the year. Workshop topics include technique, strategies, equipment, off-ice training, choosing a path of development, communication and all goalies, parents and coaches are welcome to attend.

The mission of the Foundation for Goaltending Research and Education is to educate goalies, parents, coaches and the hockey community on the physical and psychological development of ice hockey goaltenders, as well as conduct research on the health, safety and the environment factors that goalies are exposed to. Your $29 registration fee will go towards continued research and educational programs for youth goalies. Your fee also applies to all family members in attendance.

There are 20 spots available for each workshop. Each workshop will be hosted by Brian Daccord (author of the book “Hockey Goaltending“). These workshops will be held at the PAD Boston located at 11 Cabot Road, Woburn, MA 01801. To register simply fill out the quick form below. Please note that organizations can purchase a season pass which includes access to the workshops for all their goalies, coaches and parents.

Workshop #1 Tuesday, Sept 27, 2016

New Techniques for Goaltenders: This workshop will focus on the latest techniques that goalie coaches are stressing as the most important for success between the pipes. This workshop includes a video presentation and full explanation of the techniques.

Workshop #2 Monday, October 24, 2016

What is the Path for New England goaltenders: From peewee to college and the pro’s, Brian Daccord will lecture on what are the choices that have to be made for New England goaltenders who are aiming to play college and professional hockey.

Workshop #3 Monday, Dec 5, 2016

Communication between the goaltender, coach and parents. In this workshop Brian Daccord will lecture on the do’s and don’ts of communication between goalies, their parents and the head coach. Goalies, parents and coaches of all levels are welcome to attend.

Workshop #4 Wednesday, 12:00 PM January 25, 2017

This workshop will be a first for the FGRE as we are switching our format to live streaming. With everyone’s busy schedule it is hard to make time to get to The PAD for workshops. Therefore we are bringing the workshop to you in the comfort of your own home or office. We are also making the workshops 30 minutes as opposed to one hour. Workshop #4 will be for parents only and it will be on managing expectations and dreams of goalies. We will look at making it through High School, Junior, College and Pro and how parents should communicate with their goalies each step of the way.

Workshop #5 Tuesday, 7:00 PM March 7, 2017

This live streamed workshop will focus on tryouts and what a goalie needs to do to stand out. Tryouts in New England are typically held in the spring so we will take goalies and their parents through checklist of how to prepare for a tryout, perform at your best and then follow up afterwards.

Workshop #6 Tuesday, 2:30 PM March 28, 2017

This live streamed workshop will focus on spring and summer training for goaltenders. Summer is regarded as the most important time for goalies to train because the performance component is out of play. Learn about what a goalie should be doing in the spring and summer on and off the ice as well as tournament advice and rest periods.

Workshop #7 Tuesday, 5:30 PM April 25, 2017

This live streamed workshop will focus on what New England has to do to develop more elite goaltenders. Many of the new hockey markets in the USA have taken NCAA spots away from New England goalies and this 15 minute presentation will focus on why this has happened and the development path goalies need to have to reclaim these spots.