The Foundation for Goaltending Research and Education has five initiatives.

1. Research: Conduct, fund, support and publicize research on current issues impacting the goaltending community. (Hip Health)

2. Education: Conduct Symposiums and Mobile Workshops to help educate Goalies, Parents and Coaches. (In house symposiums and custom workshops)

3. Support: The “My Favorite Goalie” program is designed to correspond with the foundations initiative by impacting the lives of deserving goalies and will launch in October of 2019.

4. Advocacy: Advocate for goalies, parents and coaches in order to recognize the commitment and sacrifice involved. (ex. The first goalie coach inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame)

5. Advancement: Assisting and advocating for goalies in the areas of equipment, playing rules, training, recruiting and placement. (Making the 10-20 practice rule mandatory) 

The role of the FGRE is to identify current issues impacting the goaltending community and by using the strength of the goaltending network to find solutions to improve all areas of goaltending. Members are encouraged to communicate with the FGRE in regards to any areas where assistance is needed.