fgre-researchThe goalie is under a tremendous amount of pressure because of the often unrealistic expectations of teammates and coaches. They are also the most dedicated athletes on the planet and The Foundation provides them with not only resources, but an advocate of the position through research.

Research projects are conducted in the areas of goaltenders health, safety, practice and game environments as well as opportunities. Because of the physical demands of the position and repetitive movements, research is conducted to provide guidelines and suggestions for both on and off-ice training. This will help goalies, parents and coaches to ensure that on and off ice training is done safely and will minimize long term repercussions of playing goalie.

The research projects examine equipment issues and ways to make the position a safer one to play. With today’s emphasis in goal scoring, reducing the size of goaltenders equipment is now the solution, when in fact goaltenders are better trained and performing better then ever before. This research will examine safety concerns for goaltenders, advise and make suggestions to governing bodies.

Goaltending success revolves around confidence and self esteem. The research center examines the best ways in which goalies, parents and coaches can all work together to create a positive environment for the goalies. In turn, they will be able to make decisions and conduct themselves in a manner which will allow a goaltender to flourish.