Stanley Cup Winning Goaltenders

Matt Ouellette



The Foundation for Goaltending Research and Education looked at which nationalities goaltenders were winning the most Stanley Cups from 1980 until 2016.


Canada supplied the most with 52 (72.22%) Stanley Cup Champion goaltenders over the last 36 seasons. 26 of which were starters and 26 backups. The United States was the next highest with 11 (15.28%) Stanley Cup Champions goaltenders. Six of which were starters and five were backups. The Czech Republic has three (4.17%) Cup winners over the last 36 seasons with only one being a starter and two playing a backup role. Finland, Russia, and Switzerland all have two (2.78%) goalies winning a Stanley Cup with a starter and backup each.



Over the last 30 seasons, This trend has not changed much. European Stanley Cup goaltenders are right around 20% with the exception being the last five years. Not one European goaltender has won a Stanley Cup within the last five seasons.


Over the last 20 seasons, Canadian goaltenders were winning the Cup more than 60% of the time. European goaltenders were at 22 % and American goaltenders the lowest at 15% of the time.


Over the past 15 seasons, Canadian goaltenders were winning the Cup now just under 60% of the time with Europeans winning 26% and American goalies winning 16%.


Over the last 10 seasons, Canadian Goaltenders were back up to winning the cup 60% of the time. Both Europeans and Americans were at 20%.


In our previous project, we found that Canada supplies the National Hockey League with 37% of goalies while the United States supplies 20%. 57% of NHL goalies are coming from these two countries but Stanley Cup winning goaltenders are coming from there 87% of the time.
Canadian Goaltenders are overwhelmingly winning the cup more than any other nationality over the last 30 seasons. That trend has been decreasing slightly over the last few years and we’re seeing goalies from all over the world compete for a chance to hoist the Cup.