cam-wardGoalies are hungry to be educated on their position and all the components that go into the enjoyment and success of the position. A goalie’s support system of parents and family members face challenges as well. They recognize the sacrifice and pressure placed on a goalie and therefore are fully emotionally invested. Coaches realize that strong goaltending is the cornerstone of their teams chances, but often lack the knowledge of how to communicate and work with their goalies to maximize success. The Foundation educates goalies on the keys to success and enjoyment of the position. It also educates parents and coaches on how to best communicate, interact and assist goalies with both their physical and mental development so everyone involved has a better experience.


FGRE Symposiums consists of a single day of learning from professional and collegiate goalie coaches and goalie experts across multiple fields. The FGRE Symposiums consists of multiple workshops where the goalies, parents and coaches in attendance are divided so the messages and information that is relayed to them is targeted and appropriate. These symposiums will provide a comprehensive approach to goaltending and will breakdown the position physically, mentally and technically.

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Mobile Workshops

The FGRE provides Youth Hockey Organizations and Hockey/Goalie Camps mobile workshops conducted by FGRE Executive Director Andrew Raycroft. The workshops can be for 1. Goalies, 2. Parents or 3. Coaches or a combination of the three. In order to find out more information and to book an FRGE mobile workshop please contact Andrew Raycroft at

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